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nuts & bolts – melody johnson

  • Million Dollar Earner.
  • The five reasons we don’t get duplication.
  • What to do about it, step-by-step.
  • How to use the “5-C’s” to move all-in and grow yourself a solid business fast.

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Its questions like this that set Melody apart as a coach, speaker and teacher.  Melody has been showing network marketers how to expand themselves and their business for over 35 years.  She was first exposed to this profession when her Auntie’s joined their first network marketing gig back when she was just a kid. Melody fell in love with the network marketing concept back then. Maybe it was lining all those boxes and bars of soap up, maybe it was the hope she heard spark when they talked about it.  Whatever it was, Melody’s attention was caught and she went on to build a million dollar MLM business.

Success didn’t happen with her first try. However, as she delved into several different companies and products lines, she pressed on with determination. Dreaming first of an extra $300 a month, a possible $1000 per month, eventually expanding her vision as her business grew.

Author of ‘Network Marketing Basics’; Melody sticks to a simple nuts and bolts solution in her approach to training.  She believes it takes personal growth, self-awareness and the understanding of self-determination more than anything else in this profession to create success.  While product choice, companies and compensation plans are also important, one can find success in every company, old and new. But it is you and you alone that determines your ability to succeed in any endeavour; especially one that asks so much of your inner self.

 It is that focus that Melody brings to all of her coaching and training classes.  Her mentorship style commands the best of you and empowers you to achieve your smallest and greatest goals.   She has trained groups of 3-3,000, spoken to audiences of 10-10,000 and coached beginners to top ranking leaders. She raises up stars!

And it isn’t just her network marketing experience she brings to the table.  Melody has extensive experience in management and entrepreneurial accomplishments.  She has sat on several charity and marketing boards and you’ll often see her volunteering or doing a walk-a-thon in her Crocs.  J

What does that all mean for you?  Improving your game with Melody proves to not only be possible; it will also be a lot of fun.  You just might dance your way to the next level in one of her classes.  Not only will she teach you the fundamentals of building a solid, successful Network Marketing business, you’ll begin to understand what stops you from moving forward. . You’ll begin to fall in love with who you are and further define your character. You’ll see this profession in a whole new light and fall in love with it too, just like Melody did.  Wouldn’t you love to do what you do every day in a way that is meaningful for you?  In a way that changes your perspective and allows you to see yourself and the world differently?

Melody dreams of changing the face of network marketing by moving towards a kinder, less aggressive style of building that focuses on creating instead of competing.   Wouldn’t you like to touch the lives of those around you and impact your world in a positive way?

What are you waiting for?

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