20+ Multi-Million Dollar Earners Share Their Keys To the Vault So You Can Master Recruiting and Duplicating


  • Lifetime access to 20+ “double comma” expert video sessions ($2400 Value)
  • Transcription of Each Lesson ($2800 Value)
  • Online and Offline Name Generation Bonus ($1400 Value)
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the Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery summit Is The #1 Online Resource Available for You To Learn, Master, Build, Grow & Monetize Your Business Right Now!

Living beachfront on Kauai, Hawaii is the end of the story. It sure did not start out that way. We failed often as entrepreneurs many times and then failed 5 times in MLM.

Most people who know our full story always ask, “How did you go from bankrupt in Boston to beachfront on Kauai?” That’s not the right question. No one makes it to the top alone and neither did we.

Throughout this journey, I’ve been honored to learn from the best in the MLM world. My successful mentors are who I’ve selected to share their wisdom. Our success happened because of the generosity of these “double comma club members” (mutli-million dollar earners).

Just as they changed our business and our lives, they will likewise change yours.

Each of these speakers normally charge consulting rates upwards of $1000 an hour or more. This is not to impress you but rather to impress upon you the significance of the kind of impact they will have instantly on your MLM. It is not a group who are here to sell their stuff or courses, virtually none of them have anything for sale. You see, those who are truly successful in MLM are more interested in the checks their teammates earn than self promotion.

Most of these authentic winners I have known for more than 15 years and have all sustained long term success. Let our experts guide you step-by-step. They will give you their recruiting and duplicating blueprints you need to build a profitable, self-perpetuating team of check cashers from scratch.

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What If I Can’t Make It To All The Sessions?

We get it. You’re running a mile-a-minute.

Don’t let watching the summit recruiting and duplication mastery sessions, panels and the live advanced training be one more thing that drops off your to-do list and later regret missing the opportunity.

Instead, here’s an opportunity to invest in yourself. Franklin said “Put your purse in your head if you want to get ahead.” This faculty of MLMers has earned over $140,000,000.00

With Recruiting and Duplicating Mastery Premium, you can watch and study these powerful and actionable sessions more in-depth, on your schedule from any device.

You are the only person who knows when you’re at your best and when you can most effectively absorb and implement the material.

On top of that, the Premium Pass will give you the chance to connect and build relationships with others who are on the journey with you in our exclusive Recruiting and Duplicating private mastermind community.

You also get lifetime access to these valuable expert sessions. So you’ll never worry that you missed a moment of this powerful material.

Watch All The Masterclasses on Recruiting & Duplicating, Advanced Training, Bonus Sessions At Your Convenience and Join The Exclusive Community

Watch on your own time.

With your Premium Pass, you can study the presentations anytime, anywhere, for life. The value of having access to this $140,000,000.00 plus group of MLM earners and transcripts of their wisdom is invaluable to anyone serious about succeeding.

Plus, you will get access to some incredible bonuses!
(more about the bonus material later on this page)

everybody knows the only real shortcut is other people’s minds

20+ double comma earners share their success formulas

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We’re pretty confident that you’re going to love these Strategies and  tactics. But if for any reason at all you don’t love it, you can get a refund.

The world-class experts you'll soon be learning in the World's leaziest Networker Premium Pass

25 Masterclasses & Expert Presentations

Tom and Denice Chenault

$14M+ Earners

The Coffee Shot & “The Brick”

David & Stacy Whited

Earned over $4M

Winning Every Appointment

Tom Schreiter

8 Figure Earner 40+ years

Rejection Free Recruiting

Masa Cemazar&Miguel Montero Over $4M Earners

A System is Mandatory

Andrea Waltz

"Go for No" Bonus!

Expanding Your List With Social Media

Mark Davis - Bonus!

How to Present Your Business

Jerry Schribner

Earned over $5M

Questions the create meaningful dailog

Andy Docus

$9M+ Dollar Earner

Duplication Accelerates by Delaying the Enrollment - Revolutionary!

Dr. Jean Pierre Desroses

Earned over $4M

Recruiting Pros It's Easy

Pat Petrini

Earned $2M+

Duplicating Starts in the Mind

Debra Gebhardt

$14 Million Dollar Earner!

Duplicating in Depth

Luc Griffet - Bonus!

Changing Companies, Building Trust and Loyalty

Tom Holden

Earned over $3.5M Dollars

How to Get 100% to Show Up

Ben Sturtevant

$9M+ Earner

Duplicating Properly Teaches Powerful Recruiting

Ann Feinstein

Multi-Million Dollar Earner

Duplicate with Leverage

Richard Bliss Brooke

8 Figure Earner

Recruiting Authentically

John Cini

$2M+ Earner

Recruiting and Fail-Safe Organization

Jimmie Jayes - Expand Your List Bonus!

Expand Your List Local Prospects

John Milton Fogg - Bonus!

Why Recruiting Begins with Listening

Roger Boger

$15M Dollar Earner


Sandi Cohen MLM Legend

Earned $5+ Million

Duplicating Properly Teaches Powerful Recruiting

Mark Perry

Over $4 Million Earned

Recruiting Millennials & Everybody

Melody Johnson

Million Dollar Earner

Nuts and Bolts of Duplicating

Kimmy Merril Brooke

Duplicating Properly Teaches Powerful Recruiting

Mike Boggs

Over $4M Dollars

Duplicating Quickly

Why Should You Make It Your #1 Priority to Get A Premium Pass to The Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery Summit?

When I was failing 5 times in MLM back in the 1980’s I got a BFO… a Brilliant Flash of the Obvious; get a mentor who was successfully doing what I was trying to do. Sounds great but who do you pick?

There’s an old saying, “the proof is in the print out.” This Summit is filled with authentic earners who have succeeded for decades, are currently building teams and earned collectively over one-hundred million dollars.

They will explain, step-by-step how to recruit and duplicate so you can build a duplicating machine too.

What Makes The Recruiting and Duplicating Summit Different?

For starters, it’s never been done in this format before. Never has there been an online conference dedicated exclusively to Recruiting and Duplicating by people actually doing it right now.

This is not the “usual suspects” who gather and put on an event to “pitch” their tools, courses and expensive coaching. This group of remarkable #GoGivers focus on their teams instead of self promotion. Now, you’ll be able to learn and instantly apply their skills and knowledge to your business and grow it.

Secondly, for those who get a Premium Pass, we’ll be giving you a full transcript of each masterclass. These are lessons not interviews. Print, follow along and highlight the keys for yourself.

Third, the recruiting and duplicating tutorials are extremely focused and each of these multi-million dollar earners really drills down so you know exactly what to do.

Fourth difference is names. We’ve got this covered to. We’ve included 3 ways to generate unlimited leads free;online, offline and online/offline.

Premium Pass Includes

Lifetime access to 20+ “double comma club” expert video sessions showing you exactly how to recruit and duplicate

Premium members receive access to private, advanced strategy webcasts.

Transcription of Each Lesson. You’ll be able to print out each lesson, highlight the key points and quickly find what you need

Recruiting & Duplicating Mastermind Community. You’ll have private access where you can connect with other earners worldwide

Lead Generation. We’ll be giving you three ways to generate 1000s of names both on and offline. You’ll never be out of prospects

Don’t Forget The Bonuses


While working with these 7 figure earners one of the common themes surfaced again and again. The common denominators were Personal Growth, Written Plan of Action and Consistency. So we’ve included as a mega bonus “Working Smarter, Not Harder”, normally $497 for zip. What’s in it?

Personal Growth.
You get a download of Think and Grow Rich and a 40 page workbook. Mark will walk you through how to use this personally and with your teammates.

Written Plan.
You’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to set up a 10 hour power week, every week. This will create consistency.

You’ll learn a simple trick that will keep you organized, balanced and productive.

The Simple 6 Success System.
You get the full Simple 6 – 2 day workshop, workbook and 30-day follow through booklet others have paid $1000s to learn.  Six simple behaviors that never fail to manifest authentic desires.

Everybody says leaders are born at events yet rarely experience growth after events. You’ll get a strategy that generates massive growth.

You’ll also receive Mark’s instantly local lead generation. Five free, proven methods that will have 25 business owners expecting your call – weekly

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked

We know you’ll love having permanent access but if for any reason you don’t we’ll get your money back within 30 days, guaranteed.

One more guarantee we want to make. You are hearing from MLMers who have earned over one-hundred forty million dollars. What we guarantee is the information you’ll get works but not for people who do not do the work. Your success will depend your effort, consistency and diligence; their success is not a guarantee of yours.

gain lifetime access from 20+ double comma earners

as they teach you their step-by-step success formulas.

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We’re pretty confident that you’re going to love these SEO tactics. But if for any reason at all you don’t love it or it’s just not for you, you can get a refund.