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Day 6

Mike Boggs

Duplicating Quickly

  • Earned over $4,000,000.00.
  • Earned 7 figures before age 30 plus two pizza franchises.
  • This master duplicator will show you how to get reps checks, fast.
  • Once they believe it’s real, acceleration happens.
  • You’ll learn easy, straightforward steps in minutes & gain that elusive momentum

Tom Holden

How To Get 100% To Show Up

  • Earned over $3,500,000.00.
  • Is there anything more discouraging than a “no-show”?
  • You’ll learn word-for-word how to get 100% to “show-up” on time.
  • You also get recruiting techniques that work better than 90% of the time that you apply them. You can teach them instantly!

Luc Griffet

Bonus! Changing Companies, Building Trust & Loyalty

  • Special session to address common challenges you may face at some point. Even if you never face changing companies, building this way will make you more money.
  • Luc’s thoughts about trust, consciousness and other dreams are imperative. If your reps trust you, they will take your coaching and be happy to stand with you in times of adversity.

Kimmy Merrill Brooke

Recruiting With Purpose And Poise

  • Earned over $2,000,000.00.
  • Built a huge organization while working full-time, single Mom
  • You will learn a brilliant “inviting” style.
  • Your prospects will actually fill out their desire on paper! Amazing!

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