Everybody knows the only real mlm shortcut is OPM: Other People’s Minds

20+ Double comma earners share their success formulas

You’ll discover, step-by-step, how to build a strong duplicatable and profitable organization.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you get when you claim Your Free Ticket to join the recruiting and duplicating summit today…

When I was failing 5 times in MLM back in the 1980’s I got a BFO… a Brilliant Flash of the Obvious; get a mentor who was successfully doing what I was trying to do. OPM (Other People’s Minds) is the shortcut to success. Sounds great but who do you pick?

There’s an old saying, “the proof is in the print out.” So we filled this Summit with authentic earners who have succeeded for decades, are currently building teams and have earned, collectively, over one-hundred million dollars.

The Recruiting and Duplicating Summit was designed to give you a clear step-by-step process for sponsoring and growing your team fast. (even if you’re just starting out, frustrated or even discouraged like we were).

So we gathered over 20 “double comma club” members, [multi-million dollar earners], to share exactly what they do to recruit and duplicate.

Each speaker will open their playbook and share what is working right now. You will get instant results when it comes to enrolling and getting people you enrolled, producing. Each speaker will provide you with actionable strategies for you to implement immediately.

The exclusive online event will radically change your network marketing business FOREVER. Are you in?

Here Is A Fraction of What You Will Learn At This Exclusive Summit

Everybody knows, the two things that drive a large, self-perpetuating MLM organization are recruiting new people and then getting them to effectively duplicate. These 20+ multi-million dollar earners each picked one subject and drilled down in deep detail, so that you know exactly how to succeed at both those critical behaviors.

What you’ll learn:

How to win every appointment
Driving a leg deep and strong
The “Invisible Close
The Art of Listening – it’s the money shot
Getting people started the right way
How to get new people that crucial first victory, fast
Building your brand and following on social media, quickly
How to generate 5000+ local targeted, ready-to-join leads, monthly
How to have local leads come to you
How to present your business without sounding “salesy”
Discover “The Brick” – why the first pin level is all that big earners focus on

Learn from 20+ double comma earners

as they teach you their step-by-step success formulas.

You get FREE access to this ground-breaking summit for a limited time only.

Schedule for “double comma” Expert Featured Speakers

Day 1 Sessions
Tom & Denice Chenault
The Coffee Shop & “The Brick”
  • $14+ Million Dollar Earners.
  • Earning over $1 Million Dollars Per Year.
  • How to recruit by being yourself.
  • The “Brick” principle creates duplication.
Ben Sturtevant
Duplicating Properly Teaches Powerful Recruiting
  • $9 Million Dollar Earner.
  • How duplication fosters recruiting.
  • A five step process to get that first check, fast.
  • Ben’s Bonus: Four words to get an instant “yes” to looking.
David & Stacy Whited
Winning Every Appointment
  • Earned over $4,000,000.00.
  • You’ll never see appointments the same way again.
  • You’ll win every appointment.
  • The detail of “how to” win appointments. Simple, easy to learn & teach.
Ann Feinstein
Duplicating With Leverage
  • Multi-Million Dollar Earner.
  • #1 Builder Internationally.
  • How to leverage your efforts for rapid growth.
  • Exactly how to get new reps in profit within hours. Yes, hours.
Day 2 Sessions
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter
Rejection Free Recruiting
  • 8 Figure Earner, 40+ Years.
  • Best selling author, millions of books sold.
  • Tiny questions that get an instant “yes”.
  • How to get prospects to ask you for a presentation.
Richard Bliss Brooke
Recruiting Authentically
  • 8 Figure Earner.
  • Founder Life Matters.
  • Why recruiting starts with a vision.
  • How to get the prospect to close for you.
Debra Gebhardt
Duplicating in Depth
  • Earned over $14,000,000.00.
  • How to drive a line that perpetuates.
  • Why working in depth is a shortcut.
  • Step-by-step actions anyone can do today.
Masa Cemazar & Miguel Montero
A System Is Mandatory
  • Earned over $4 Million Dollars.
  • You’ll learn why recruiting, without duplication in mind, is pointless.
  • How a system gets your reps that crucial first check.
  • Why duplication without a system is a fairytale, and how you can get one today.
Day 3 Sessions
John Cini
Bonus! Recruiting and Fail-Safe Organization
  • “Million Dollar Whizz Kid” pushing $2,000,000.00.
  • Author of “Find Files Fast”, John shows how to use Google as an assistant. Never lose a lead or miss an appointment again.
  • How he’s build over 7000 contacts in his phone from people who said “no” to the business and, how to recruit effectively and fast.
Andrea Waltz
Bonus! Expanding Your List With Social Media
  • Best selling author of “Go for No“; Speaker at most MLM events.
  • How to use social media the right way. And avoid the biggest mistake.
  • Size means nothing if people are not responding.
  • You’ll quickly learn & apply four steps to grow a responsive list today.
Jimmie Jayes
Bonus! Expand Your List With Targeted Local Prospects
  • Combining online & offline with Meet-Up App.
  • People who are interested in the benefits you offer will contact YOU.
  • Prospects happily pay you to meet them with a group of other like minded people.
  • The conversion rate on these leads is insanely great, off the charts!
  • Step-by-step instructions. Fun, fast and turns up people ready to buy and ready to join.
Mark Davis
Bonus! How to Present Your Business
  • Best selling author of 7 books on presenting.
  • Mark is the “secret weapon” of great MLM trainers & presenters.
  • You’ll learn how to present effectively to 1 or 25,000 and have fun!
  • 3 tiny tricks that will instantly boost confidence and your closing ratio.
John Milton Fogg
Bonus! Why Recruiting Begins With Listening
  • Author of best selling classic “The Greatest Networker in The World“.
  • You’ll learn why and how to listen, without an agenda, creates wealth.
  • You’ll also get John’s 16 page listening book!
Day 4 Sessions
Jerry Scribner
  • Million dollar earner.
  • Only person in the history of his company to win BOTH top awards.
  • You’ll learn how “tiny questions” change everything – prospects promptly demand information.
  • You’ll receive dozens of “tiny questions” and suddenly be recruiting, without fear or rejection, today!
Roger Boger
  • Earned over $15,000,000.00.
  • Sponsor more people in less time.
  • Four steps you can rapidly learn and master for recruiting.
  • Best part? You can teach this at once.
Sandi Cohen
Questions That Create Meaningful Dialog
  • MLM Legend, earned over $5,000,000.00.
  • Best selling contributing authors & international speakers.
  • Duplication Queen; From bankrupt to dream life.
  • Outstanding, useable right now, step-by-step simplicity.
  • The 5 questions, including the key question, that vitalizes your recruiting!
Andy Docos
Duplication Accelerates By Delaying The Enrollment – Stunning Idea
  • Earned over $9,000,000.00.
  • Built a machine by focusing on duplication before enrollment.
  • You read that correctly! He shows you how to set duplication in motion pre-enrollement.
  • You’ll learn four easy steps to having duplication in motion BEFORE the new rep enrolls.
Day 5 Sessions
Dr. Jean Peirre Desroses
Recruiting Professionals Is Easy
  • Earned over $4,000,000.00.
  • This medical doctor shows you how easy it is to recruit doctors and other professionals.
  • A technique, so simple, to get prospects to talk about & sell themselves while you say nothing!
  • You’ll be able to use this today; makes prospects excited about the follow-up meeting with you.
Mark Perry
Recruiting Millennials & Everybody Else
  • Earned over $4,000,000.00 in the last 6 years.
  • Mark set millennials as THE market and figured out how to relate to them.
  • You’ll learn how to easily get them off cellphones & into conversation.
  • You will learn the “palm-slap-to-the-head” technique that converts prospects to reps in the blink of an eye. [why didn’t I know about this?]
Pat Petrini
Duplicating Starts In The Mind
  • Earned over $2,000,000.00.
  • Best selling author of MLM book, “The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers“.
  • The morning habits you’ll get, and an amazing technique for anyone, any age.
  • You’ll find that there are only four things we do to duplicate.
  • You’ll learn those four things and how to do them.
Melody Johnson
Nuts & Bolts of Duplicating
  • Million Dollar Earner.
  • The five reasons we don’t get duplication.
  • What to do about it, step-by-step.
  • How to use the “5-C’s” to move all-in and grow yourself a solid business fast.
Day 6 Sessions
Mike Boggs
Duplicating Quickly
  • Earned over $4,000,000.00.
  • Earned 7 figures before age 30 plus two pizza franchises.
  • This master duplicator will show you how to get reps checks, fast.
  • Once they believe it’s real, acceleration happens.
  • You’ll learn easy, straightforward steps in minutes & gain that elusive momentum
Tom Holden
How To Get 100% To Show Up
  • Earned over $3,500,000.00.
  • Is there anything more discouraging than a “no-show”?
  • You’ll learn word-for-word how to get 100% to “show-up” on time.
  • You also get recruiting techniques that work better than 90% of the time that you apply them. You can teach them instantly!
Luc Griffet
Bonus! Changing Companies, Building Trust & Loyalty
  • Special session to address common challenges you may face at some point. Even if you never face changing companies, building this way will make you more money.
  • Luc’s thoughts about trust, consciousness and other dreams are imperative. If your reps trust you, they will take your coaching and be happy to stand with you in times of adversity.
Kimmy Merrill Brooke
Recruiting With Purpose And Poise
  • Earned over $2,000,000.00.
  • Built a huge organization while working full-time, single Mom
  • You will learn a brilliant “inviting” style.
  • Your prospects will actually fill out their desire on paper! Amazing!

Why You Should Attend The Recruiting & Duplicating Live Summit?

Once-in-a-lifetime speakers

These won’t be the same speakers you see everywhere, pitching the same crap, with the same “one-size-fits-all” canned talked about “secrets” that leads to a sales page. I hand-selected incredible speakers with different experiences who have inspired ME. Most of these speakers never do this and have nothing for sale, because they care about their teams instead of self-promotion and tool peddling. Based on our long term relationships, they’ve all agreed to make an exception. What does that mean for you.  You’ll get to see the most unique and diverse group of speakers under one roof at a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A FREE TICKET (for a very limited time)

Most People put in years of trial and error trying to figure MLM out and often spend thousands of dollars on coaching, conferences and conventions. You’re getting a free ticket to this powerful material, delivered by “2 comma club” members who are cashing five and six digit checks, monthly, right now. Let’s face it, trial and error is the most expensive form of investment. But you must claim your spot now because each presentation will stream for JUST 24 HOURS – then it’ll be locked up in the Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery Premium Vault.

Deep Dive Lessons, Not Interviews

Every speaker is going to Bring The HEAT. These are not interviews or the speaker’s story. They are sharing In-depth, detailed blueprints of exactly what to do and to say. You get to see 20+ experts share their best recruiting and duplicating strategies and tactics that are working right now. You’ll get instant takeaways and actionable advice that you can use immediately. We’ve worked with each speaker, so all the material is cohesive and concise.

NO need to travel

You won’t need to buy a plane ticket or endure the expense of attending training; Food, hotel, etc. Enjoy the amazing benefits of the Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery Summit right from your favorite place on your favorite device, including your phone.

Time is money

Your time is valuable and we know it. Let me be direct with you. The Recruiting and Duplicating Summit will SLASH your learning curve. Tap well over 200+ years of SUCCESSFUL Recruiting and team building experience. Most people spend years trying to figure out how to earn substantial income in our profession – now you have it all in one place. Saves you time and saves you money. Best part? Like all great ideas and concepts, the material is simple to learn and master.

Who will I talk to?

Most people quickly burn through their warm market, I know I did. You might be thinking “even if I learn this stuff, who will I talk to since I burned my list?” We’ve got that covered too. We’ve got three bonus sessions so you will never run out of leads. Yes is the answer to your next question. Both online and offline. You’ll learn the real tricks about social media and we’ve got a special guest who will show you, step-by-step, how to get 50+ qualified, local, targeted leads who have a strong interest in what you offer.

Recruiting is one thing, presenting is another

You’re not the first person who can get people to look, but when it comes to showing your business and closing, it all goes sideways. In addition to learning how to close, we’ve got an additional bonus session; you’ll learn how to present effectively from the #1 speaker-trainer in MLM. He’s the “secret weapon” of most top trainers and earners.


Beginner, intermediate or advanced? No worries. Let me repeat.  This is NOT one of those events where speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or services. With collective earnings in excess of $140 million, they are not in the tool business. They are in the recruiting and duplicating business and are giving all they have.

Go behind the scenes with 20+ double comma earners

They share with you their world-class techniques, tips, tricks & proven success formulas.

You get FREE access to the first ever MLM Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery Summit – Limited time, get your FREE ticket today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery Summit?

Over 20 “Double Comma Club” members each picked one of the two critical behaviors for earning in MLM, Recruiting and Duplicating, and did a deep-dive into the content.

These are not interviews, motivational pieces or MLM endorsements but in-depth, specific lessons. You’ll learn how to prospect, enroll and duplicate (even if you are starting from scratch) Each lesson ends with “if you were starting today, give us your top two do’s and don’t’s for growing your business”

Who should attend the Summit?

No matter where you are in growing your MLM, you’ll find immense value in these content-rich lessons on recruiting & duplicating.

If you’re just starting out and have a team of “no one”… you’ll get specific advice as to the first steps to take to expand your list, create magnetic ways to strike interest, present and enroll.

If you have a business that has a few to several people but they are just using your product or service, you’ll learn the simple steps to turning most of them into producers and start growing.

If your business is adding reps every month but not performing at a level that yields great expansion every month, you’ll learn how to dramatically accelerate growth. Would it surprise you that these top earners focus on the first pin level only? You’ll discover why focusing on the first pin level is all that matters and know exactly how to do it.

Where is this event located?

It’s 100% virtual! You can attend wherever you are.

Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses or time off from work. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection and on any device.

The Recruiting and Duplication Summit is designed to provide powerful, step-by-step content you can consume in a way that works for your life and schedule.

How do I watch the sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive several email reminders in your inbox every day of the event, giving you access to all the masterclasses, panels and pre-recorded sessions as they happen. Simply login & follow the easy instructions we give.

Each day, several sessions will go live and you can watch them any time for the next 24 hours. You’ll be able to view the sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

I can’t attend all the sessions. Will I get a recording?
Yes, the recording for each session will be available, free, for 24 hours following the session. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 24 hours.  Or you can purchase the Recruiting & Duplicating Mastery Premium Pass and get instant LIFETIME ACCESS to all the masterclasses and advanced training sessions, as well as $1000’s in additional bonus material and a community of MLMers, worldwide, who are improving daily.
Will there be upsells, offers and more fees?
Great question! Short answer: NO! It might be repetitive but this is not the usual cast of characters who do webcasts, give you a smidgen of content then try to upsell you. They are multi-million dollar earners because they are in the recruiting & duplicating business, not the tool peddling business. They became the successes they’ve become by putting their teammates first, not self promotion and tools. They spend their time finding people and dedicating themselves to the dreams of others.

Meet Mark Januszewski or as most of you know him, “The World’s Laziest Networker”

Mark is internationally acclaimed for his riveting, power-packed workshops with universal business value for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve their life.

He is frequently referred to as “The Trainer’s Trainer.” He has worked with Members and Students from all 50 states and 14 different countries. Workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Europe have fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide, in less than 2 years.

Mark’s created the legendary “Simple 6” System.  Based on the work of his former trainer, W. Clement Stone, and Napoleon Hill, “The Success System That Never Fails“,  The Simple 6 are six simple behaviors that have generated legions of heroes in network marketing.  The years have proven this principle based system works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who put the behaviors in play. “All the success we’ve been blessed with is a direct result of the Simple 6”.

Mark has worked with top earners and MLM companies since retiring from MLM. Recently he was hired to build the training system for an entire company and within 11 months their volume jumped from $26 million to $63 million in sales. Where did he learn all the things that he teaches so effectively? From the same people you will be learning from during this Recruiting and Duplicating Mastery Summit.

Today, Mark is living the dream with his wife “The Fabulous Davene” and their children, on the beautiful island of Kauai, in Hawaii – following his bliss.

“My mission, in doing this Summit, is to show people what is REALLY working so they can build a profitable business and enjoy doing it. No guesswork, no out-of-date advice, no complicated strategies it takes a PhD to understand and no monthly expenses needed to make it work. I know what these successful MLMers did for my career. Everybody knows the real gold mine is in the minds of those who started with nothing and succeed. I’m grateful they all granted me this favor of sharing their successful methods in great detail.”

Mark Januszewski

Learn from 20+ double comma earners

as they teach you their step-by-step success formulas.

You get FREE access to the ground-breaking summit
for a limited time only.